angelCare system is composed of agent, Control Center, Database Server: “agent” that transfers information of POS relevant to Database Server, “Control Center ” that gathers POS information from agent and “Database Server” that functions as totaling data and making reports.

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By using Agent of Total Control Center and basic function of engine part, it is possible to monitor devices status and to do
remote-control and also, through applying supplied API, it is possible to interlock various devices or applications.


  • Self-Check
  • HW/SW Info
  • Operation Info
  • Performance Info
  • Status Info

Standard API



  • Comm.
  • DBMS
  • Agent info saving
  • Agent Log Management
  • Agent Maintains a Connection
  • Console Transmit order
  • Agent connection status


  • Management Console
  • Monitoring
  • Remote Control
  • File Distribute
  • WOL
  • Environment Setting
  • SMS
  • Scheduled Job


  • Mobile-Desk
  • Job Management


Self-check & Communication agent

angelAgent is installed in devices to be managed and “Self-Check”, “Set-up information gather”, “Operation information gather”, “Capacity information gather”, “Data transfer”, “Remote receiving order” functions perform

Main Function

Self Diagnosis
Inspect POS’ peripheral devices(printer, cash drawer, scanner, …) and
transfer reports
Set-up Information
Transfer basic information of device, OS set-up information, inspection of
network set-up information and data
Operation Information
Transfer device installation SW list, execution SW list, device list, process list, service list survey and data
Capacity Information
Transfer survey of devices’ CPU duty cycle, Memory duty cycle, Hard Disk Drive duty cycle and data
Status Information
Transfer device system log and application log survey, peripheral devices’ connection status, SW status and data

Agent Support

Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Provide DLL for clients’ APP interlocking

angelAgent operation method


Remote Control Management

Monitoring, remote control, remote management system for devices having Total Control Agent. Provide devices configuration information, viewer for log happened, and function for remote control(screen control, file distribution, control power, etc.

Main Function

All system layering management.
Totaling current condition of operation, status indication, system option set-up
Supply reserve execution for a series of file distribution, power control. Confirm results(whether to order or not)
Operation Information
Transfer device installation SW list, execution SW list, device list, process list, service list survey and data
Screen Control
Control Window screen of remote device in real time. Support resolution of device
File Distribution
File distribution for various devices, distribution result check . Provide file Upload, Download UI for remote device
Remote Control
Device power on(WOL base SW realization)
Device Power off, device rebooting
Environment Setting
Remote device environment set-up(IP, Firewall) change
User generation management, share directory set-up, generation, delete
Message Send
Send message to various device(pop-up window) function
Reserve Work
Supply reserve execution for a series of file distribution, control power, and confirm results(whether to order or not)

angelCare Management Screen Configuration

  • solution_list_img_01
    Monitoring (error breaking news)
  • solution_list_img_03
    Managing Console
  • solution_list_img_06
    Agent Information
  • Work Scheduler
    Work Scheduler
  • File Distribution-remote explorer
    File Distribution-remote explorer
  • Screen control
    Screen control

Helpdesk, Mobile-Desk, Smart Phone App

As a receiving management system for auto-receiving, clients’ call, a breakdown from Helpdesk at Total Control Center is delivered to each engineer directly and all the process of handling is managed by electronic display

Main Function

Auto inquiry by using CID, receiving clients’ ask(error), processing, check
Task Management
Designate engineers for certain area, notification, managing task process
Present condition management about engineers’ task process, engineer’s location, section movement information, reporting results
Notify clients of task processing condition
Receive task assigning, SMS for the results
Auto Receiving
Auto error perception by monitoring from Total Control Center.
Error-perceived is enrolled automatically according to manage level
Task Transfer
Record and pass on for noted items necessary for task processing
Control Center Electronic display
Perceive emergency error, alarm
MAP UI, current condition by each region, statistics graph

angelDesk Screen Configuration




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  • Create additional profit H/W, S/W additional sales
  • Asset Managemet
    – Sold and installed POS management POS Rental
    – account managemet
  • Tighten agency’s hold
  • Speediness and correctness maintenance
    -> customer Improved customer satisfaction
  • Remote-Control based on Android